Electric and Electronic Systems
for Remote Data Delivery and Control

Identify the Phase
of an Energized Contuctor!

Monitor Low Voltage
Secondary Networks!

Identify the Phase
of De-Energized Contuctors!

The World's 1st Automated Dead Line Phase ID System for Power Cables & Systems

Utility Tested
The PSI Dead Line Phase Identification System (DLPID) was successfully tested under tough field conditions by utility service crews using cellular wireless communications. The DLPID System has proven itself by successfully determining the phase of de-energized cables.

Phasing Range
10 Miles or More

Determination of the phase of a given cable is required when system maintenance is being done or new equipment installation takes place .


  • Web enabled permanent recording of phase measurements
  • Designed for both OH & UG distribution cable systems including triplex cables
  • LCD display of phasing data (A,B,C : 1,2,3)
  • Cellular wireless automation
  • Color coded CT's (Red, White, Blue)
  • Simultaneous display of data from two Transmitter Units


  • Improved open auto feeder restoration when identification of phases can not be established due to open circuits
  • Increased flexibility during re-cabling will allow splicers to rack cables around in manholes and vaults
  • Improved overall distribution system reliability
  • Splicing crews can determine their own phasing, maintenance is expedited

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