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for Remote Data Delivery and Control

Identify the Phase
of an Energized Contuctor!

Monitor Low Voltage
Secondary Networks!

Identify the Phase
of De-Energized Contuctors!

Utility Tested

The PSI Phase ID 6000 is in use today under tough field conditions by utility service crews. Accurate phase determinations are routinely made using both cellular and satellite communications .

Phase ID Field Unit
Model: 6000

Phase Identification

Easy to reach with PSI

The Phase ID 6000 is ready for instant
use whenever and wherever needed.
PSI's novel Phase ID System has been commercially available for 10 years. PSI's Phase ID System is a non-intrusive tool that is versatile and easy to use. The System is designed to correctly identify the phase of both low and medium voltage overhead distribution cables including MV Spacer cables, low voltage network cables, and pad mounted equipment with live and dead front connections.

Phase ID System

  • Designed for both OH & UG electric distribution systems
  • Large easy to read color LCD (click for example)
  • Dynamic range from 10V to 345kV
  • Compensation for +/- 30 degrees from Delta Y and Y Delta connections
  • Never out of range with wireless Cellular and Satellite
  • One Reference Unit handles many Field units at the same time

Phase ID System

  • Improved decision making process during system emergency conditions
  • Load balancing
  • Improved overall distribution system reliability
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Enable Smart Grid initiatives with accurate phase data

Phase ID Field Unit
Model: 6000 Information